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6ix Pouches (5-Tins)

6ix Pouches (5-Tins)

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Elevate your energy and focus with 6ix Nootropic Pouches, designed for those who seek a healthy, flavorful, and convenient boost. Each pouch contains 140mg of caffeine, perfectly balanced with nootropic ingredients to enhance mental clarity and alertness. With five tantalizing flavors to choose from, you can enjoy a refreshing burst of energy anytime, anywhere. Each pack contains 20 pouches, ensuring you have enough to power through your day.


  • Grape: Indulge in the juicy and sweet taste of ripe grapes, delivering a burst of flavor with every pouch.
  • Apple Ice: Refresh your senses with the crisp and invigorating blend of tart apple complemented by a cooling ice finish.
  • Mango: Escape to a tropical paradise with the luscious and exotic taste of ripe mangoes, perfect for a fruity energy boost.
  • Cool Mint: Enjoy the classic, refreshing sensation of cool mint, providing a crisp and clean flavor that invigorates your palate.
  • Wintergreen: Relish the bold and robust flavor of wintergreen, offering a slightly sweet and minty experience that's both refreshing and satisfying.


  • Caffeine Strength: 140mg per pouch
  • Quantity: 20 pouches per pack
  • Flavorful and Energizing: Crafted to deliver a consistent and enjoyable energy boost

Choose 6ix Nootropic Pouches for a flavorful and convenient alternative to traditional caffeine products. Enjoy the variety and find your favorite flavor today!

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